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IMPORTANT - Registration to this website and the creation of an account does not give you access to the course Diploma in Theosophy. Therefore, after you register in the website (e.g. create user name and password) you should send an e-mail to  to emcgough@talk21.com , informing  that you have succesfully  registered and loged in the web- site. 

Only after you have emailed us about your registration, will you receive access to the Diploma in Theosophy course..

To register, follow the steps below.

Student Instructions -Registration

When entering the web-site you will need to register yourself  as a user. The registration process is very simple:

a. Click on the  login option on the top right of the front page.
b. Click on the option Sign Up.
c. Enter your user name, password, country and any other information you wish in the bio option. Kindly, enter your real name and e-mail address in the options. Nicknames are not accepted. 
d. After that, you will receive an e-mail with a link for you to confirm your registration. Click on the link to activate your account.  Your account will be created only when you click on the activation link in your email inbox.
e. After that, you can return to the site and login using your credentials entered in the registration form.


Profile Fields

After your registration you should access your profile page. In your profile page you can:

1. Login to the Diploma in Theosophy site (only after we manually included you in the course)

2. On the top right you will see your name. Click on it and choose the option View Profile.

3. Click on Edit button to edit the profile.

4. You will enter your profile page. There, click the option change profile photo. Choose select your file and upload your picture. We suggest all students to upload a picture. Enter the fields, there may be multiple field groups which the student can switch to fill the details.

5. In the Dashboard option you can see statistics for the course you are enroled, for the assignments, for the quizzes and units.

6. You also have notification options, friends, messages and group options.

7. On the activity option you can see all your activities.

8. On the option more you can choose your profile visibility e.g. only me; only members; everyone; my friends.

9. In course options you can see quizzes results. Click on the quiz, see the result, and in the end of the page you will be given an option to retake the quiz in case you wish, and in case the instructor allows the student to take the quiz more than one time.   

How to Check Quiz Results

There are two options to check quiz results 

Option 1

1. Login into your account.
2. Go to Curriculum page
3. Click on Final Quiz Module 1, for example.
4. Read the text and underneath it you will see the options: (left) previous unit -- (middle) check results --- (right) next unit.
5. Click check results.
6. A window will pop up and  you will be able to see the results of Quiz 1. The result is written  on the right side underneath each image i.e.  "marks results"
Follow the steps above and you will be able to see the results of any Quiz.

Option 2

The second way you can see your quiz result, which is even easier, you should do the following:
1 - Login into your account
2 - On the top right you will see your name, one click on it and a window will drop down.
3 - Choose dashboard (this is your personal space, you can add your picture and send private messages from there).
4 - In your page you have a menu underneath your name, and the place where your picture is supposed to be i.e. dashboard; courses; activity; profile;notifications; messages; friends; groups and more.
5-  Click on courses
6 - You will see a sub-menu (underneath the one described above) with the following options: My course - Results - Stats
7 - Click on Results 
8 - There you will see the links  to check quiz results i.e. Quiz 1 and Quiz 2. 
9 - click on quiz 1 and you will see the results, and the same for other quizzes.


After we have manually approved your access to the study course you should follow the steps below.  
01 - Login in the web-site 
02 - Go to the Diploma in Theosophy page (from top menu - courses- diploma in Theosophy).
03 - In the course menu go to CURRICULUM PAGE
04 - You will see there links to your modules and units. 

Other important Instructions

Taking the Course Diploma on Theosophy
This section explains you how to browse the course; how to complete the course; how to  check the results, and finally how to submit the course and  get  your certificate.


To browse the course, you should go to Course Directory. In the course directory you will see the course Diploma in Theosophy. The course line, in course directory shows the Title of the course, a short description of the course, the cost for the course, the ratings, review count of the course and the total number of students which have taken the course.
The course page contains a number of details for you to decide on to take the course.
1. Vital Information is located on top right corner with information like: Price of Course, Course Badge, Course Certificate.
2. Course Description is shown on the course home page.
3. Course Reviews are shown at the end of the course description
4. Students taking the course can be seen in the Students section in the Course home.
5. Student can also view course curriculum. However, course curriculum does not give you access to the course. 

Starting the Course Diploma in Theosophy

Once the course has been started you can access the course units in the timeline.
Each unit may be connected to a Unit forum where you can ask questions and interact with your instructor and other students. 
You may also download attachments for each unit and upload material in the forum.
Important – Every time you logout and login again to access the course you should go to Curriculum page. Please see image below showing how to access the course units. You may either access them through the forum or through the blue button which will take you to the timeline.


To access the course menu with the forum option is very simple. Please click on the menu tab ALL COURSES, then click on DIPLOMA IN THEOSOPHY. You will be taken to the page you are seeing now. In the course MENU you can see the option FORUM that I highlighted on red.

Taking a Quiz
Quizzes are optional and will help you to test your knowledge. To take a quiz, click on the Quiz in the course timeline in the curriculum page. Upon clicking the link you will access the quiz interface. The quiz page shows instructions for the quiz. To start the quiz you need to click on start quiz button, on the top of the page.  
Quiz Results
Quizzes are marked automatically, and you may check your results as soon as you finalize it.
To check the quiz results go to your Profile - Courses, Results section.
You can send friendship request to other members (students+ instructors). Friends have access to send private message and invite each other groups etc.
Private Messaging 
Private messaging allows you to interact with other students. 
Quiz and Course results are sent to you via private messaging, wherein you can directly interact with  their instructor on the results.
The Diploma in Theosophy is connected to a  private Forum, accessible only to students.

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