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How the Diploma will be Awarded

The Diploma will be awarded to students who have completed the course and understood the theosophical principles. The course will be centred on gaining an understanding of basic Theosophical Principles. Students must also pass the end of year examination, which is an ‘open book’ exam with one month allowed for revision and completion.

Course Content

The Syllabus is comprised of the following modules:

Module 1

UNIVERSAL LAWS (From the within to the without, as above so below)
KARMA AND REINCARNATION (As balancer, teacher, Self initiator , Cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth, etc)

Module 2

HUMAN CONSTITUTION (Physical, etheric, astral, lower and higher mind, the spiritual triad or higher Self, personality or lower self)
COSMOGENESIS (The awakening of the Cosmos)

Module 3

INVOLUTION AND EVOLUTION (Principles of materialization, from the One to the Many and Principles of spiritualization, from the Many to the One)
THE SEVEN PLANES (Varieties of groupings – two, three, five, seven etc)

Module 4

HIERARCHIES (Angels/devas, nature spirits, and elementals)
CHAINS, ROUNDS & LIFE-WAVES (General pattern only)

The use of meditation will help to enhance deeper levels of understanding and is strongly recommended to all students.

Course Reviews


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    Well worth doing, for seekers with questions.

    When I began this course I was entirely new to Theosophy, and somewhat unsure of where it was leading me. Having followed the tutorials, read some great books and thanks to Eric’s very informative tutorial videos, a picture began to reveal itself in my mind. The picture has helped me understand many of the questions I had struggled with over the years, whilst also posing many more. Where before I was unsure of my own beliefs, I can proudly say I consider myself a Theosophist now and I look forward to continuing along this path and to seeing where the journey takes me. The experience has been a great one and I can thoroughly recommend the diploma to anyone willing to invest a bit of time, as the rewards seem far greater. If you found the T.S. I am sure you would love to find this course also. Thank you Eric, you have been a great a tutor and I really enjoyed your talks.

  2. Profile photo of Claradene Wycoff

    Dear Erica and Eric,

    As I contemplate writing a review of this wonderful Diploma in Theosophy Study Course, I must go back to the beginning.

    I was sent an email from David Bruce, who is the National Secretary for The Theosophical Society in America, in Wheaton, Illinois. We were invited by the Theosophical Society in England to apply for the Diploma in Theosophy Study Course.

    I was ecstatic to say the least! England is my heritage; my Grandmother, Clara Crowther, born in Bradford. And my Grandfather, Speros Angelos born in Greece.

    Of course the word; Diploma stirred my heart. This would be a document certifying completion of an academic course. (If passed)

    This was an opportunity to “understand that the teachings are to be studied and not merely read.”

    I liked the guidance of the study given; Topic, Chapter and Pages. I especially enjoyed the videos. Eric’s presentation of each topic was epic. The students in the class room contributing and questioning was inspiriting to hear.

    I will highly recommend the Diploma in Theosophy Study Course to members who will be willing and be prepared to study, concentrate, and meditate, by their own self efforts of discipline which will bring about real Knowing and Truth to embrace for themselves.

    Thank you for this wondrous experience….the Ever-Becoming.

    With Fraternal Love,
    Claradene Wycoff

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    Prior to this course, I had (obviously!) heard of Theosophy but had not studied it in any depth. Very many thanks to Eric for your numerous, extremely informative videos – I soon found that what had once been an idle curiosity grew into an earnest desire to know more… and more. Whatever I discovered, the more I found there was to learn. Endlessly fascinating, the course was indeed, very interesting, giving me an excellent grounding for the continuance of my studies. I think this has come at ‘the right time’ for me in my life’s journey; there’s a Chinese saying: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. Indeed you have. Eric, your helpful instruction and encouragement gave me the determination to follow the course through to the end. I also agree, and appreciate that meditation is highly beneficial. The knowledge I have gained has made a lasting impression on me, and I do believe my life has changed in many ways; it has affirmed my beliefs and I have become a stronger person. Immensely enjoyable, time well-spent.
    Many thanks to Erica too; it was comforting to know you were there for any computer-based queries I might have had.
    I would highly recommend the Diploma to anyone setting out on their journey, seeking to learn the Truth!
    Thank you!
    Very best wishes,
    Deb Lewis

  4. Profile photo of J Philip Sarboe

    Time Extremely Well Spent

    An essential basic foundation has been discovered.

    Look forward to further spiritual growth, development and enlightenment.

    Thank you.

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