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How the Diploma will be Awarded

The Diploma will be awarded to students who have completed the course and understood the theosophical principles. The course will be centred on gaining an understanding of basic Theosophical Principles. Students must also pass the end of year examination, which is an ‘open book’ exam with one month allowed for revision and completion.

The use of meditation will help to enhance deeper levels of understanding and is strongly recommended to all students.

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  1. Incredibly mind-blowing course!

    Big respect and many thanks to Eric McGough and to everyone who participated in creating this course for giving all of us such an opportunity to restructure our vision!!!
    So many points got claryfied and it was very helpfull to get a different angle of view to some close to heart allegories which were helping me on the way for some years already. Meditating on newly opened views helped a lot in deepning and making it part of myself. I also appretiated the constant oneness view which was so incouraged.
    Throughout the whole course there was a constant catching of glimpses. But still a lot of it is there – behind silverlining. It gives inspiration to go much deeper in studying and understanding of Theosophy.
    Looking forward for new discoveries!

    With Much Gratitude,
    Andrey Shubenkov

  2. Excellent course, thank you!

    Wonderful knowledge to share.

  3. Highly Recommended

    ‘Diploma in Theosophy’ is a well structured and dynamic course, which greatly improved my understanding of fundamental Theosophical concepts. Eric McGough’s video lectures and personal articles did wonderfully in clarifying the overall course material.

    My hat is off to Eric McGough and his team! I owe a great deal of appreciation and gratitude for the knowledge, understandings, and insights that I have gained from this course.

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